We do it all.



We laser and rotary engrave a variety of materials and products. With our laser and rotary engraver we engrave enameled metals, glass, acrylic awards, gift items, and industry standard plastics in many color combinations.


Dye-Sublimation allows for the transfer of a full color image to a plethora of products utilizing special inks and a heat press process. Images such as photos, logos, and really any digitized file can be used.


We custom build trophies to your specification and budget. Trophies can come in many sizes, colors, events, and price points. We use marble bases and beautiful modern columns to create the perfect symbol of your victory.


With a myriad of colors and color combinations, medals are a great way to express accomplishment and appreciation in an often inexpensive way.


With hundreds of standard plaques, specialty, and perpetual plaques to choose from, we can provide the perfect plaque for any occasion.

Fantasy Trophies

If your fantasy league is need of a trophy, look no further. Typically we create fantasy trophies that are designed to celebrate the winners for years to come. Most yearly engraving, (perpetual engraving) is $10.

Custom Awards

If you have a specific special award in mind, let us assist in making it a reality. We can custom mount about anything and have custom wooden fabrication in house.